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Family outings

The Museum of Communication is a popular destination for family outings. Our exhibitions will allow you and your family to delve into the world of communication in an entertaining and informative way. Thanks to the playful approach and a multitude of interactive elements, the museum is suitable for children, adolescents and adults alike. The children’s tour is directly incorporated into the core exhibition. We look forward to your visit! A hot tip: approach our communicators – they sometimes have surprises for families and for our younger visitors.

Children’s tour, “Find Ratatösk”

The mascot Ratatösk accompanies children through their own world of communication and teaches them fun games. Spread throughout the core exhibition, 12 stations are especially designed for 4 to 8-year olds. The best thing about it: parents and older children can enjoy their own tour of the core exhibition alongside the younger ones.


More information about the children’s tour

Visiting the exhibition with toddlers

The youngest are welcome too! Thanks to a number of adjustments carried out in 2020, the core exhibition is now more suitable for very young children up to four years of age. There is a lot to discover! Ask our communicators – they have a few surprises for you too.

The Museum of Communication is working to develop further content for infants and toddlers. As part of the Lapurla Initiative and with a U4-Impuls grant from Canton Bern, our communicator Verónica Reyes is in the process of developing exciting new ideas. You can find out more about this project by visiting the Lapurla Website (only in German).

A hand-sewn fabric book - a hand and a telephone can be seen. - enlarged view
Children will find our mascot Ratatösk and other hidden treasures from the museum in two beautifully designed and hand-crafted cloth books.
Both books are the work of Cuban artist Araís.

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