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Children at the museum

The Museum of Communication is ideally suited for children. Here, the younger ones can touch things, try them out for themselves and solve puzzles. A special tour of the museum is available for children between the ages of four and eight. A squirrel called Ratatösk guides the children around his world of communication and teaches them fun games. It is a tour of discovery for curious little girls and boys.

Find Ratatösk

Ratatösk? This name is not made up: it is the name of the squirrel in Norse mythology, where it is a communicator – carrying messages up and down the world tree. This is how the dragon at the foot of the tree and the eagle in the crown are able to communicate with each other.

The cheeky mascot has been hidden in 12 locations throughout the museum. Children will find exciting games, activities and puzzles wherever you see his picture.

A tree with lots of peepholes and a paternoster lift form the end of ‘Find Ratatösk’. The tree is home to 35 Ratatösks made in the 2018/2019 school year by pupils from Schule Wimmis. This participatory project is run every year in collaboration with a different school.

Two children smell scent boxes in a station of the children's tour.
A girl and a boy steer a post bus through a labyrinth with a magnet. The background is blurred.
Four children stack wooden blocks on top of each other. The picture of a record is created on the front.
Four children sit tightly packed on a bench in a little house and look spellbound at a screen.
Two girls practise communicating with signal flags. A mountain landscape can be seen behind them.
In front of a video projection, four children bend over a screen. We do not see what is on the screen, but the children look amused and interested.

Letters for Ratatösk

Would you like to write to Ratatösk, or send him a drawing? He will be delighted to hear from you! You can look at some of the masterpieces here on our website.

By the way: a colouring page is also available at the museum shop.


Museum of Communication
Helvetiastrasse 16
3000 Bern 6


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