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C-Stories: THE Robert

Every day our communicators meet new people and encourage them to take part in a dialogue. These encounters often lead to interesting conversations and touching moments somewhere between our historical objects and the numerous interactive stations. Our C-stories will give you a brief insight into these encounters between the museum and its audiences.

A very old man walks briskly up the ramp to the 1st floor. I join him, swinging my arms at his pace and jokingly ask him if he’s ready for a race. He raises his eyebrows and refuses firmly. But he could show me a thing or two in the technical field, he knows a bit about that. I go along with it: ‘I’m Jacqueline.’ – ‘Pleased to me you, I’m Robert*.’

We move from transformers to voltage converters, from the BBC to ABB. He knows an incredible amount. Slowly, it dawns on me. In my second job, I’m collaborating on a book about inventors – and I’ve already stumbled across countless articles by a certain gentleman: ‘Could it be that you’re THE Robert who’s written so much about the history of industry and technology?’ He smiles and nods. He’s THE Robert. I’m so thrilled that one of my most important sources of information is now standing in front of me in person, and I can put a face to all those articles! He strides ahead. And from that moment on, he sets the pace on our tour!

Kind regards, Jacqueline

*Name changed


Jacqueline Fahrni, communicator, Museum of Communication, Bern


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