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Hosts, the core, the spark

In order to make your visit to the museum as memorable as possible, the Museum of Communication has invented a new role, that of the communicator.

The communicators are the living core of our exhibition and the sparks that will ignite authentic experiences. As hosts, they constantly move about the museum. They involve visitors in a dialogue - between equals, as we are all experts in communication after all. They will, of course, also have an answer to your questions, and know the background and unique stories behind the 1000 objects on display at the museum. And they have a few tricks up their sleeves that provide access to hidden treasures within the museum.

A unique experience in Switzerland! 

The communicators bring direct dialogue into the exhibition, and therefore make an individual experience out of every visit. In short, the museum becomes personal and as such better equipped to respond to the different needs of its visitors. How do we go about doing it? Let us surprise you!

In order to be prepared for this challenging job, the communicators have undergone an elaborate training programme especially designed by the museum. Together with an adult educator, we developed a course that has equipped them for this challenge in the best way possible. The communicators are now looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition.

The booklet "C..." gives an overview of the concept and training of communicators.

E³ = P ⋅ M – The Bern formula

A special experience is created at the Museum of Communication with the interaction between the museum and its visitors. We have concentrated this new museum-educational concept in the Bern formula. It illustrates how our visitor services and our educational team consistently take the perspective of the public into account. The Museum of Communication and its communicators live the formula “Experience > Exchange > Enlightenment = the public x the museum” on a daily basis.

If you would like to know more about this new profession and our museum-educational concept, if you are interested in attending a course or if you would like to put the concept into practice at your own institution, we would recommend that you attend one of our vocational training courses on the Bern formula. Upon request we offer seminars for interested experts and entire teams.

The international Ecsite conference took place in Geneva from 7th to 9th June 2018. Together with Diane Drubay, Tiina Huber and Isabelle Chappuis, Christian Rohner ran a session on the topic “Humans versus machines: Who is the better museum mediator”. Participants not only learnt about how artificial intelligence could be used in the context of cultural education and outreach, they also discussed the value attributed to the human aspect in these novel museum-educational concepts. A retrospective of the panel discussion can be found here.


COMING UP (in German):

20.-22. September 2024
Seminar «Kommunikation als Bildungskonzept und Vermittlungspraxis» Gastgeber:in - Zündfunke - Herzstück
an der Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung in Wolfenbüttel
Ausschreibung samt Link zur Anmeldung

12./13. Februar 2025
Seminar «Berner Formel» im Museum für Kommunikation in Bern mit Hanspeter Ott, Gallus Staubli und den Kommunikator:innen des Museums 
Ausschreibung und Anmeldeformular


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