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At the club, on stage, when creating TikTok content or cooking a meal: if we hear a song we like, we start dancing! But why do we actually dance? What are the stories that we tell using our bodies? What is it that causes red faces, that attracts, irritates or thrills us when we see people dancing? The exhibition Dance! will invite us to immerse ourselves in a world of rhythmical movement and allow ourselves to get carried away.

Gezeichnet 2024

13th December 2023 – 23rd February 2025

Welcome to Gezeichnet 2024 – most certainly the wittiest review of the most important events and topics over the past twelve months. In this joint exhibition, 50 Swiss caricaturists and cartoonists put 200 of their most important media drawings on display. Now in its seventeenth year, the exhibition series once again brings together all the leading sketch artists from the Swiss media.

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