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Have the museum all to yourself

We will open our exhibition exclusively to host your event (from 5:15 pm). You will be met by our communicators, who will show you activities that will make our museum come alive. Unlike the standard guided tour, you will experience a communication adventure, which will not just entertain you but will also teach you something new. You will have an outing, a lesson, a team event and a cosy gathering all at once. We also offer an optional drinks reception prepared in-house.


Basic rate up to 50 persons CHF 1800.-
Basic rate 51 to 100 persons CHF 2200.-


Museum visit with communicators (1 hour)

Up to 20 persons CHF 200.-
21 bis 40 persons CHF 400.-
41 bis 60 persons CHF 600.-
61 bis 80 persons CHF 800.-
81 bis 100 persons CHF 1000.-


Museum admission groups of 10 or more persons CHF 10.- p.P.


Drinks receptions (from 5.30 pm, 20 persons)

A LA SUISSE CHF 16.00 p. p.
a variety of savoury snacks, cheese and meat selections

AL MARE CHF 25.00 p. p.
a medium variety with large grissini, antipasti, stuffed focaccia bread, fresh vegetables with a quark dip and fish mousse with crackers

TOUR DE MONDE CHF 38.00 p. p.
a large variety with soup, appetizers, stuffed focaccia bread, fresh vegetables with a quark dip, fish mousse with crackers and dessert selection

Drinks menu (PDF)


Olivia Dunn
Marketing, Communication & Events
Telephone: 031 357 55 32


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