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Workshop and research blog KINGCOM

Why do we communicate? What tools do we need to do so? And how do we design our digital lives? The world of communication is large and multifaceted. Using concrete research assignments, Kingcom helps people examine it more closely. 

A workshop of several hours led by an expert, where small groups of students research a topic of their own choice. Numerous attractive experience stations can be found throughout the exhibitions, though participants are also allowed to ask members of the public or refer to statements from experts. The results of workshops of at least 4 hours’ duration are published as blog posts on

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From 2.5 hours – incl. schools discount: CHF 200.00
Cycle 2 (from 7H), Cycle 3 and secondary level stage 2
Please book at least 2 weeks in advance

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A tablet in front of a wall with many Post-It notes. One hand operates the King-Com website on the tablet.