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Pay us a digital visit via telerobot

Our telerobot «Ruby» allows you to digitally connect to the museum live and from anywhere in the world. Discover the exhibition from a new perspective, talk to our communicators and meet other visitors or your friends and family.

Your visit

A telerobot allows you to visit the museum without being physically present on site. By remotely controlling the robot, you can independently explore certain areas of the exhibition. However, interacting with the exhibits is only possible to a limited extent. On the other hand, you can avail of an interactive 15-minute tour with one of our communicators, which will give you exclusive access to the museum.

You are also welcome to pay us a tandem visit with one person present on site and the other using the telerobot.

Once you have booked your visit, you will receive an email with detailed information on how it works.


Individual visit: c. 30 mins  
Insight into the museum with a communicator, freedom to explore independently. 

Combined visit: 15 minutes with an attendant, after that the choice is yours. 
You arrange to meet a person who is physically on site. You will be given an introduction and suggestions regarding your digital visit.


Single entry (digital): free of charge during the pilot phase. In return we will ask you to complete a brief survey at the end of your visit.


For bookings or information, please contact us directly: