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The museum as an attractive employer

An invitation to give a talk about the museum as a desirable workplace initially gave us a lot to think about. Then we came across three adjectives and three animals – and suddenly we had the beginning of a story; a story about collaboration, appreciation and an impossible unicorn.

The museum as an attractive employer. Let’s be honest, this is not a topic that one can just have a casual chat about. Yet our Director, Jacqueline Strauss, did precisely that; she held a lecture about the subject at the ICOM General Conference in Prague on 25th August 2022. What does the Museum of Communication do to provide a desirable work environment? She searched for answers and found some fascinating ones. You can find a recording of the lecture in the video below.

What have you experienced? What does it take to make a museum an appealing place of employment?


Jacqueline Stauss, director, Museum of Communication


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