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Our values

A museum or archive’s work, activities and programme of events are neither objective nor coincidental, but the result, rather, of decisions made on the basis of our values. That is why it is important to us to disclose our values in a transparent manner.

Inspiration through innovation

Our museum and the PTT archive strive to inspire visitors to tread new paths and ask themselves questions. One of the cornerstones of this is constant innovation. We maintain a culture of innovation, which is interconnected with other organisations and within which all our members of staff have the opportunity to initiate, create and maintain new ideas and projects. One of the main focal points in this respect is our collaboration with other institutions in the Museumsquartier Bern.

An attractive and innovative Museum of Communication and a multi-layered, up-to-date PTT archive are sustained by staff members who can relate to their place of work. We are keenly aware of how privileged we are to be part of such an extraordinary and invaluable creation and of the responsibility this brings. 

Our commitment to diversity

We are appreciative of the differences, needs and contributions of a diverse workforce and audience. After all, diversity has a decisive impact on the creation of an interesting museum and archive. To us, saying yes to diversity signifies openness and fairness in our everyday dealings and includes a rejection of discrimination and exclusion. Wherever possible we strive to remove barriers and facilitate access to all.

We are by no means perfect, but we are on a continuous the road to development, to uncovering blind spots and to opening up new perceptions. Relying on our strategy of diversity, we have set out on a journey with an open and inquisitive mind. 

Our obligation to sustainability

As a foundation and as a museum and archive we are geared, at our core, towards a very long-term perspective. We look back into the past but also far into the future. Thus, sustainability is a prerequisite at all levels of our work. We have internalised all three dimensions of sustainability: socially (see diversity), ecologically and economically. 

The world of museums is in its infancy when it comes to ecological sustainability. With our project Planetopia – Space for World Change and as an active part of the Happy Museums (page translated in german and french) initiative, we hope to generate new impulses to promote and advance ecological transformation. 

Participation and collaboration facilitate outside involvement

Our institution is not a temple but a forum. It is a place where people can get together, exchange views and allow new ideas to flourish. In ancient Rome, the forum was a city square, where markets were held, court cases were tried and people’s assemblies met. In the same way, we would like the Museum of Communication to be a place where not only content is conveyed but where visitors are encouraged to become involved. 

That is why we often invite people from the outside to work with us. It is the only way to allow new ideas to form and surprising subject matters to come to the fore. We look forward to welcoming you here.

The ¿cultural heirs/heiresses! project

Connecting the digital and analogue worlds

We use our activities to comment on the societal and cultural impact of communication and communications technology, and in particular on digital transformation. In our view, added value is created mainly in the interface between digital and analogue displays. 

Based on our digital strategy, we develop targeted activities that combine both worlds with the aim of opening up new possibilities. 

Digital access to the museum