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“Tell us!” - Stories from everyday postal an telecom life

“Tell us!” is an extension of the project “Wir, die PTT” [We, the PTT], an oral history contemporary witness project run by the PTT Archive for several years now.

This project is also based on interviews with contemporary witnesses. Contrary to the traditional format, however, the “Tell us!” project focuses on short stories recorded in various locations, including outside the PTT Archive.


“Tell us!” builds a bridge from archive sources to contemporary witnesses. The stories about the sources help to understand them and make them experiencable. The PTT Archive's participatory project addresses all people who would like to share memories, episodes and anecdotes about PTT operations, the successor organizations Swiss Post and Swisscom or about communication in general. Tragic, surprising or simply amusing personal events that cannot be recorded in any files find their platform. “Tell us!” builds an entry into the archive here.

The anecdotes are reproduced in the original language and are not translated.


Do you still remember the first parcel you posted at the post office? Do you remember researching in the thick telephone directories in the phone booth? Or what was it like when radio pirates could suddenly be heard playing rock music on the dead radio frequencies? Can you remember your first e-mail on blue window? What about videotex? Do you know the staff at the post office counter? Are there any funny stories about the neighborhood postman?

Interested in taking part in “Tell us!”? Then get in touch - or make a video and send it in.

Telefon: 031 331 11 51
E-Mail: archiv(at)