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SUPER – the second Creation

Biotechnology, artificial intelligence and digitalisation have given us unprecedented opportunities to perfect ourselves and create new inventions. The speed of these developments is unparalleled in the history of humankind. Dynamic technologies encounter a society, where large sections know very little about these modern tools. Using a novel educational format, the museum has launched an emotional examination of the subject matter. Super – the second Creation: an experiment that combines the strengths of theatre and exhibition. A first for Switzerland.

The exhibition

6th November 2020 – 10th July 2022

Biotechnology, artificial intelligence and digitalisation are evolving ever faster. The possibilities for invention and self-optimisation are greater than ever before. Where will all this lead? In the exhibition SUPER – The Second Creation at the Museum of Communication, belief in progress meets doom and gloom, science meets society.

The exhibits are presented in both German and French.

Human hand carrying exoskeleton in front of a sign saying I've got the power
In the foreground, an electronic rosary is displayed in a glass case. In the background, a man is watching an exhibition about end-of-life care on a screen.
Two greenhouses with people looking at exhibited objects.
A transparent artificial womb with an embryo is attached to a male torso made of white Styrofoam.
Two actors show a scene in a compost heap.
Three closed, round glass containers filled with soil and plants stand on a laboratory table
View of a white room with two white protective suits hanging on the wall, directly next to it is a dark room.
Man stands in front of screen on which his face is analysed with male, 47 years and 81% surprise

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