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Gezeichnet 2022

Welcome to Gezeichnet 2022 – most certainly the wittiest review of the most important events and topics over the past twelve months. In this joint exhibition, 50 Swiss caricaturists and cartoonists put 200 of their most important media drawings on display. Now in its fifteenth year, the exhibition series once again brings together all the leading sketch artists from the Swiss media.

16th December 2022 – 26th February 2023

Political cartoonists are masters of overstating the events of the day in a succinct and highly amusing way. It is not unusual for a single drawing to convey the essence of a story better than an elaborate text. Humour affords easier access while the exaggeration helps us to understand which event it is. However – this does not mean that political cartoons are easy to digest. We regularly choke on our laughter, as cartoonists often hold up a mirror to us. Gezeichnet 2022 – Die besten Schweizer Pressezeichnungen des Jahres serves as a platform for this most underrated form of journalism.

The contents are available in German and French.