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Prologue to the exhibition “Super – The second Creation”

What do you think is super about you? Which superpower would you like to have? What shortcoming would you like to eliminate by inserting a chip into your brain? Who knows a super physical trick that they can demonstrate? These are some of the ways a communicator could start the prologue with the students. And then you compile an inventory of your personal everyday “doping” methods, from coffee to Ritalin. 

The rest of the hour is used to initiate activities either with the entire group or in smaller groups, to encourage debate and enter into dialogue. The topics discussed are all in keeping with the exhibition SUPER: self-improvement, genetic engineering, eternal life, world peace, global warming and artificial intelligence. Or in the words of the exhibition: superpower, superego, superbaby, superlove and superworld.

Secondary education stage 2
Duration: max. 60 minutes
Afterwards the group will visit the theatre exhibition unaccompanied. You should allow at least another hour for this part.
Fee incl. schools discount CHF 170.00
Please book at least 2 weeks in advance

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A hand hovers over an illuminated desk and puts on the exoskeleton of the exhibition.