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With your questions you can bring our 7,500 linear metres of archive and library documents to life and they will tell you about past times. In the archive database you have the possibility to research our holdings. The holdings of the PTT archive are not arranged by subject, but by origin, i.e. by the regions of the PTT and the departments of the central administration. If you have any questions or information about our holdings, we will be happy to support you. You can find our contact details here

Forerunner of the Federal Postal Administration, 1708-1847/48

  • Administrative documents of private positions, commercial directorates, directorships, Lyon Ordinari, Fischerpost, Thurn und Taxis, cantonal positions, etc.

Swiss Post, 1848-1997

  • Administrative documents of the head office and the whole of Switzerland.

Federal Telegraph and Telephone Administration, 1852-1997

  • Administrative documents of the head office and the whole of Switzerland.

Internal and external PTT publications, 1849-1997

  • Official gazettes, ordinances, regulations, telephone directories, advertising material, forms, etc.

Thematic Collections, 1849-1997

  • Post office chronicle, local catalogue, postal courses, stamp impressions, etc.

Academic Library, 18th-21st century

  • Publications on Post and Telecommunications, Universal Postal Union, International Telecommunication Union, etc.


  • Since 2014 we have been conducting video interviews with former PTT people. Their personal reports document the technical, social and organisational changes in the companies. Learn more at: www.oralhistory-pttarchiv.ch