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Mission Statement PTT Archive


The PTT Archive on the move!

  • We are the written and comprehensible memory of Swiss Post, telegraphy and telephony in Switzerland and thus contribute to the identity and legal security of the founders. We are therefore the Memo Center of the founders and serve the founders, science and the general public as a place of research and dissemination of historical content on postal and telecommunications history in Switzerland.


  • The Swiss Foundation for the History of Post and Telecommunications operates the PTT Archive on behalf of the legal successors of PTT, Schweizerische Post Ltd and Swisscom Ltd, our founders.


  • The basic funding is provided by our founders. We finance projects with third-party funds, which can also come from donors.


  • We are the scientific special archive for postal and telecommunication services in Switzerland with unique and irreplaceable cultural assets of national importance and fulfil the requirements of the Federal Act on Archiving, the agreements with the Federal Archive (1998) and the donors (2004), the legal successors of the PTT. Our main collections are the company documents up to the end of PTT 1997 and the academic library on postal and telecommunications.


  • We generate authentic archival material from the analog and digital wealth of data of the founders, which makes the activities of the founders comprehensible and are thus the Memo Center of the founders.
  • We supplement the founders' holdings with private estates and collections that fit into our collection.
  • We index our archive holdings according to internationally recognised and widespread standards in a professional archive database, which enables access to Internet culture portals for research purposes.
  • We preserve and preserve our unique and irreplaceable analogue and digital cultural heritage of national importance in accordance with scientific and conservational findings and comply with applicable standards (ISO and DIN). We cultivate professional exchange with the protection of cultural assets.
  • We are the technical contact for the founders and the Museum of Communication for questions on archiving.
  • We are the contact point for the founders, society and science for questions on the history of Swiss Post, telephony, telegraphy, radio, Internet, philately, radio and television technology as well as on topics from the social, technical, economic and cultural history of the founders.
  • We are a user- and service-oriented archive that processes all inquiries quickly, competently and promptly.
  • We are in charge of the specialist scientific library and supplement it with thematic and specialist literature.
  • We catalog our library holdings in the union catalogue of the Universities of Basel and Bern according to union standards.

Working methods

  • We professionally manage the PTT Archive according to recognized non-profit organization guidelines efficiently and effectively and make targeted use of all resources.
  • We are committed to a cooperative and motivating management style and promote the continuous further training of our employees.
  • We are innovative and creative and apply new findings from the sciences in a targeted manner.
  • We use synergies with all areas of the Museum of Communication and are present in the museum and visible to the outside world.
  • We work closely with the legal and communications departments of Swiss Post Ltd and Swisscom Ltd and are the contact for customer services for historical enquiries.
  • We are courteous towards all our clients and are the mediators of the PTT archive's mission statement to the outside world.


  • We evaluate and initiate suitable projects and successfully carry them out alone or as partners of the founders, the Museum für Kommunikation, universities and other institutions of society and are known to the founders, the public and the scientific community as an innovative archive.
  • We contribute to the transfer of knowledge and expertise on postal and telecommunications history in Switzerland and participate in scientific and technical exchanges on our core topics: Postal and Telecommunications History, Archives and Information Sciences.