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Publications from the Museum of Communication


This book is your anti-slip guide to navigating the slippery dance floor of communication.

Price: CHF 24.00

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An insight into the concept and training of communicators, as well as into the public activities at the Museum of Communication.

Price: CHF 20.00

This book is available only in German and French.

Aufbruch, Umbruch, neue Horizonte - "Departure, upheaval, new horizons"

An artistic look at the constant transformation in the Museum of Communication. Published on the occasion of the opening of the new core exhibition in August 2017.

Price: CHF 24.00

This book is available only in German or French.  


33 Senior Guides im Dialog mit der Zeit - "33 Senior Guides in dialogue with time"

To accompany the temporary exhibition “Dialog mit der Zeit. Wie lebe ich, wenn ich alt bin?” [“A dialogue with time. How will I live when I am old?”] is a collection of short biographies, stories and anecdotes of the Senior Guides working in the exhibition.

Price: CHF 10.00 

This book is available only in German.

Permanent exhibitions 2003–2016

This publication offers an overview of the installations in the Museum of Communication’s three permanent exhibitions from 2003 to 2016.

Price: CHF 15.00

This book is available only in German.

Oh Yeah!

This photo book brings together iconic images and snapshots from 60 years of pop music in Switzerland. 

Price: CHF 38.00

This book is available only in German.

Telemagie - "Telemagic"

In six generously illustrated articles, this book documents the exciting social history of the telephone and telephoning and takes a look at its ongoing evolution in recent years.

Price: CHF 19.00

This book is available only in German.  


The catalogue accompanying the special exhibition of the same name, which ran from 7 September 2001 to 28 July 2002, provides an in-depth look at the theme of “Images of happiness in advertising”.

Price: CHF 49.00

This book is available only in German.  

Loading History

Published to accompany the exhibition “control–alt–collect. Computer in Ruhestand” [‘control–alt–collect. Computers in Retirement’] from 21 June 2001 4 to 6 October 2002 at the Museum of Communication, the book presents various computer stories in Switzerland.

Price: CHF 25.00

This book is available only in German.  

Wunschwelten - "Pipe dreams"

A discussion between the past and the future, as well as utopian ideas, visions and fantasies of the 19th and 20th centuries from the field of communication.

Price: CHF 19.00

This book is available only in German.  

Ab die Post - "Post haste"

The book marks the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Post with many exciting stories and pictures.

Price: CHF 24.00

This book is available only in German.   

Radio Schweiz – Suisse – Svizzera (Kopie 1)

75 years of Swiss radio history in pictures (1922–1997). A documentary coffee-table book.

Price: CHF 19.00

This book is available only in German.