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About us

With its exhibitions and activities the Museum of Communication responds to social and cultural consequences of communication and its technologies. The Museum of Communication is the only museum in Switzerland devoted exclusively to communication and its history.

Debate as an experience

Collecting, preserving and exhibiting are among the traditional functions of museums. An equally important aspect of museum policy is education, and when it comes to that, the museum puts its visitors at the centre of it all. Experiential exhibitions sharpen the senses and inspire participation and experimentation.

Communication and culture

The museum is a space for entering into a dialogue with history, the present and the future of communication. The relationship between communication and culture is at the core of its activities. The Museum of Communication makes its post, traffic, tourism and philately, telecommunications and IT as well as radio and television collections available to be used by the general public.

Contribution to current issues of interest

The Museum of Communication also places a strong focus on current developments, particularly in areas such as information and communication technology, and new media. In doing so, it contributes to the discussion of current and interconnected issues.


Museum of Communication
Helvetiastrasse 16
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