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The NEW Museum of Communication

Hilltop fires, smartphones and cyborgs

More direct access than ever before: besides interactive displays, surprising objects and large-scale video screens, visitors to the Museum of Communication will now also be introduced to the fascinating world of communication by people made of flesh and blood, by our communicators.

A stagecoach, microchip implants or an original getaway car used in the robbery of the century? The new core exhibition examines all forms of communication, which has always connected human beings. But why do we communicate? And who do we communicate with? What is required for us to understand each other? The exhibition explores these fundamental questions in a playful manner whilst calling on its visitors to contribute their expert thoughts.

Numerous newly developed points of adventure await you. You can take part in a game of film karaoke and re-enact famous scenes, you can breach your opponent’s firewall in a hacking game or you can have a go at seeing through the data octopus’s game – you can try something different every time you visit the museum. At some point in the 2000 square metres of the exhibition you will surely meet one of our communicators. They will make each visit a personal and individual experience. How? Let us surprise you!

The new exhibition is supported by:

Find Ratatösk

The mascot Ratatösk accompanies children through their own world of communication and shows them amusing games.

Included in the admission price for children aged 4-8.

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Virtual tour of the museum

Would you like to explore the museum from the comfort of your own home? No problem! A new 360-degree-tour allows you to ramble through our new world whilst sitting on your sofa.

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The Museum of Communication houses one of the largest publicly accessible philately collections in the world. The collection includes very rare specimens and has been added to the exhibition on the second basement floor.