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30 thematic tours of discovery

EXPLORER contains 30 theme cards, each with three tasks for a group of two or three people.

EXPLORER enables discovery learning in the main exhibition at the Museum of Communication.

EXPLORER serves as an introduction to the museum and gives an overview of the diverse subject of communication.

The set of 30 unique cards, printed in Lenticular technique, can be purchased at reception for CHF 30.

The tasks on the cards 1 to 22 are suitable for the 2nd and 3rd cycles (years 3 to 6 at primary level and years 1 to 3 of secondary level, respectively) and upper secondary level (Sek2). Cards 23 to 30 are less suitable for the 2nd cycle. The tasks are deliberately worded in an open manner, so that learners at different levels can find out information in a differentiated way.

> required skills according to Lehrplan 21 curriculum (PDF in German)

> overview of the 30 tours of discovery (PDF), including links to the curriculum in German

Refrain from having students write notes. We provide more in-depth studies of the exhibition contents in our workshops. Very few tasks have one definitive solution. Please consult a communicator at the exhibition for these solutions.

Possible procedure

1. Organisation: Explanations, form groups, arrange a meeting point and time, give each group ONE card.

2. Group work: For a period of between 30 and 90 minutes, learners carry out the three tasks on their card. The teacher moves around the exhibition and helps the learners with their tasks.

3. Transfer: Each group presents their findings to another group and comments on the findings of the other group.

Variant: as part of a tour involving the whole class, each group presents their highlight.

4. Leaving behind traces: Based on the winning findings, each group formulates a TAKE-HOME MESSAGE. This message is sent by e-mail to the museum. The best entries will be published.