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EXPLORER contains 30 theme cards, each with three tasks for a group of two or three people.

EXPLORER enables discovery learning in the main exhibition at the Museum of Communication.

EXPLORER serves as an introduction to the museum and gives an overview of the diverse subject of communication.

The set of 30 unique cards, printed in Lenticular technique, can be purchased at reception for CHF 30.

Guided Tours

60 minutes – with a school discount CHF 170

Gain an insight into the main exhibition, taking in all aspects of the communication universe. Our communicators will surprise you with a very personalised tour.

Themes of particular focus can be agreed by telephone.

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The distance of 2 meters cannot be guaranteed. Your contact details will be used to trace all participants.

Kingcom research blog

from 2,5 hours - with a school discount: CHF 170.00

Why do we communicate? What tools do we need to do so? And how do we design our digital lives? The world of communication is large and multi-faceted. Using concrete research assignments, Kingcom helps people examine it more closely under the microscope.

In a workshop of several hours led by an expert, small groups of learners research a topic that they have chosen themselves. They have the numerous attractive experience stations in the exhibitions at their disposal, though they are also allowed to ask the public or refer to statements from experts. They publish their research findings as a multimedia blog entry on the website kingcom.ch.

> more informations: www.kingcom.ch

Organisation of a visit with a school group

Opening times
Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone advice
Gallus Staubli
Telephone: 031 357 55 19

Recommended directions from Bern Central Station
15-minute walk past the Federal Palace (Bundeshaus) and Hotel Bellevue, over the Kirchenfeld bridge, past the Historical Museum on the left to Helvetiastrasse.
Or take tram number 6, 7 or 8 to Helvetiaplatz (5 mins)

Frequently asked questions about picnics or peak times can be found in the section marked FAQ.

Free entry for teaching staff preparing a school visit (please bring ID with you) and for registered school classes* accompanied by at least one teacher for every 20 learners.

*Applies to classes in Cycles 1-3, Secondary level 2, educational teacher training higher education institutions, as well as to (integration) projects, e.g. for the unemployed or asylum seekers.  

*Does NOT apply to groups at tertiary level or nursery day-care centres.

Admission price for students and groups not qualifying as a school group: CHF 10

Teaching materials (in German)