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>>> How much time should I allow for a visit to the museum with a class?

At least 1½ hours; 2 to 3 hours can provide a good pace; upwards of 3 hours especially so, with 'kingcom.ch'.


>>> Should I book a tour?

Tours provide a good starting point and an overview. Workshops are useful if you want to explore a classroom topic in more depth. Booking a tour makes sense if you plan to spend at least two hours at the museum, thus still leaving time to explore on your own. For a visit that is not specifically related to the classroom, we recommend the option EXPLORER rather than taking a tour.


>>> Do I have a guarantee that I can book my desired date if I register it at least 14 days in advance?

No! Capacity in the exhibition space and the availability of the communicators are limited. It may also be the case that other visitors have booked much earlier.


>>> Do I have to register my class even if I don't book a tour?

Yes! Please fill in the form (in German).


>>> Can I come to the museum on Mondays?

No, the museum is closed on Mondays.


>>> Are there peak times at the museum?

Yes! Most school groups come to the museum before the summer and Christmas holidays. Early reservations are particularly important at these times.


>>> Can I have a picnic in the museum with my class?

There are no picnic facilities at the museum. Tables, chairs and benches are available on the promenade outside the museum.

Affordable indoor food and drink options locally:

School cafeteria at the Gymnasium Kirchenfeld: Kirchenfeldstrasse 25, 2 minutes on foot, booking required, 031 359 25 60

Bistro at Campus Muristalden: Muristrasse 8, 15 minutes on foot, booking required, 031 350 42 81

Spysi: during the winter months (beginning of November until Easter), Junkerngasse 30 (entrance at the top of  Gerechtigkeitsgässchen), 15 minutes on foot, booking required, 031 311 24 65


>>> Can I get some advice from an expert?

Gallus Staubli will be happy to advise you. Available during office hours on: 031 357 55 19; by e-mail please give your own availability and telephone numbers. See also Introductory courses for teachers.


>>> As a teacher, how can I contribute to a successful visit?

With flexibility in your organisation, good preparation and active supervision during your visit to the museum.