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Child's birthday – Spy camp


Psst!  Secret agents are trained here.

The birthday child and friends learn the secrecy of espionage,  careful observation and the art of camouflage. The group goes on a search for clues, learning to write secret messages and decipher codes. A sucessfully completed training means it's time for action: "Let’s go! We have a secret mission to accomplish!"

During 90 minutes, the future agents immerse themselves into a mysterious and fun world including our most popular interactive stations.


The parents bring the birthday cake. After 90 minutes, accompanying adults are requested to rejoin the children in the Café Pavilion to eat the cake together. The museum will lay and decorate the table, and will also provide cutlery and diluted squash.

Ages: school-aged children in their first to fourth year at school.
Group size: 6 to 12 children
Costs: flat rate of CHF 250.00
Times: Tuesday to Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (followed by eating of the cake)
Booking: by telephone to Gallus Staubli on 031 357 55 19 at least 14 days in advance

Special requests:
Parents should bring afternoon snacks (e.g. cake) that do not need to be refrigerated.
Accompanying adults are requested not to join the main event.
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.


Choose one of the three themes:

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'Postbus' invitation

And you can go straight to the assembly instructions (in German) here.