1. Education

Offers for children and families

Child's birthday – Spy camp

Psst!  Secret agents are trained here.

The birthday child and friends learn the secrecy of espionage,  careful observation and the art of camouflage. The group goes on a search for clues, learning to write secret messages and decipher codes. A sucessfully completed training means it's time for action: "Let’s go! We have a secret mission to accomplish!"

During 90 minutes, the future agents immerse themselves into a mysterious and fun world including our most popular interactive stations.

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Find Ratatösk

The mascot Ratatösk accompanies children through their own world of communication and shows them amusing games.

Included in the admission price for children aged 4-8.

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Cloth books for our youngest guests

Children will find our mascot Ratatösk and other hidden treasures from our Museum in two beautifully designed and hand-crafted cloth books.

Both books are the work of  cuban artist Araís.

'GiM' Generations in the Museum

As one of 50 Swiss museums, the Museum of Communication hosts regular GiM live events. People of different ages come together in conversation. They choose an object and tell a story about it. The objects are presented here. We look forward to your comments!