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Telegraphy & Telephony

From the morse alphabet to mobile phones, from telex to text messaging, from fax to e-mail. The most important stages in the development of telegraphy and telephony are documented with the help of thousands of items. The collection shines a light on the journey towards today's information society.

In the beginning was the Morse signal

In 1844 Samuel Morse linked US cities Baltimore and Washington with his electric telegraph. Soon after the telephone rang in the next stage, after Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention in 1876.

From the Morse telegraph to the mobile phone

Morse telegraphs and keys are among the oldest items in the collection. In the field of telephony, over 1,500 telephones reflect a diverse range of technologies and periods: replicas of the original telephones, the candlestick telephone, rotary phones, touch-button and, to finish off, touch-screen devices.


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