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Radio & TV

When radio emerged in the 1930s, it was a considered a «window to the world». Two decades later TV quickly conquered the living rooms. To this very day, the two media have barely lost any of their popularity.

Radio sets from all eras

The centre piece of the radio collection are about 1,000 radio sets from all eras. Crystal detectors, loudspeakers, loop antennas and full studio equipment including recorders complete the collection and document the history of radio in Switzerland.

Full studio equipment from the pioneering days

The pioneering days of Swiss TV (1953-1958) are at the core of the TV collection. The collection encompasses full studio equipment from cameras, magnetic tape recorders, control desks and spotlights to directional antenna components all the way to the actual TV sets through which the first TV images found their way into the living rooms. 



Juri Jaquemet
Curator of the Information and Communication Technology Collection
Phone: 031 357 55 44    
Email: j.jaquemetmail-mfkch