1. Collection

Post & Transport

By conveying messages, goods, money and people, the post managed to overcome time and space. The «Post & Transport» collection offers manifold insights into the history of the Swiss Post and Transport. Around 10,000 objects reflect all its different eras.

History of the collection

In 1893 the Swiss Post started collecting historical objects for a future post museum, laying the foundation to the collection. The Post Museum (today's Museum of Communication) was founded in 1907. The museum also collects objects from the areas of transport, travel and tourism.

Uniformes and letter boxes

The collection goes from the 19th-century  postal uniform to the sleek professional cycling jersey of the Post Swiss Team, from a small uniform button to the modern bendy bus, from old letter boxes to a detailed child-size replica of a post office.


Karl Kronig
Head of Collections
Curator of the Post and Transportation History Collections
Phone: 031 357 55 12
Email: k.kronigmail-mfkch