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Philately is a fascinating gateway into Swiss and international history. The stamp collection is divided into a classical, modern and an international section. The Museum of Communication houses one of the largest publicly accessible philately collections in the world. 

Philately Switzerland classical (up to 1907)

The Museum of Communiation owns a valuable collection of Swiss stamps such as Zurich 4 and 6, Double Geneva and Basle Dove. Stamps from the transition period, rayon stamps, the different editions of the sitting and standing Helvetia as well as hotel stamps are also part of the collection.

Philately Switzerland modern (from 1907)

The collection holds the entirety of the stamps issued in our country since 1907. The collection ranges from permanent and special stamps , Pro Juventute, Pro Patria and airmail stamps to postpaid stamps, postal wrappers and coil stamps.

Philately international

The collection also includes a representative selection of stamps from the across the world, allowing, for instance, for a comparison of Princess Diana stamps from Aitutaki, Romania and the Central African Republic. The Museum of Communication is in possession of one of the largest openly accessible international collections. 


Olivia Strasser
Curator of the Philatelic Collection & libraries
Phone: 031 357 55 41
Email: o.strassermail-mfkch