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With the help of a diverse range of objects the collection exemplifies the development of computer technology: from the middle of the 20th century all the way into the present day. It illustrates the functioning of punched-card -system-based electromechanical data processing and charts the development that led to today's micro computers.

1950s mainframe computers

The mainframe computers, used in the data processing centres of the former Swiss PTT, form the starting point of the collection. Swiss inventions, such as Lilith Workstations or the Smaky Computer, developed at the Federal Institutes of Technology, are particular highlights.

Computer stories

Software, handbooks, documentation and stories told by former users also form part of the collection. As well as punched-card systems and computers, the museum also owns non- programmable calculators.


Contact person «Computer & Digital Culture»
Juri Jaquemet
Curator of the Information and Communication Technology Collection
Phone: 031 357 55 44    
Email: j.jaquemetmail-mfkch

Contact person «Calculator»Karl Kronig
Head of Collections
Curator of the Post and Transportation History Collections
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