1. Exhibitions

EXTREME – 175 years of Swiss postage stamp production

02.03.2018 - 08.07.2018



Postage stamps not only serve as a reflection of cultural history, but in a Swiss context, they are also part of a success story. Switzerland was only the second country ever to introduce postage stamps. Today these rare pieces are some of the world’s most sought-after stamps.


From 2nd March to 8th July 2018 the Museum of Communication will stage an unparalleled exhibition. The display will include 50 of the most important gems from the early years of Swiss postage stamp production. The entire collection is valued at several million Swiss Francs.


They may be small, but the production of postage stamps is a complex process with great artistic value. Thanks to original designs by Ferdinand Hodler and other artists, the exhibition will highlight the creative work behind the production of stamps.


Stamp collections are sources of great passion. Collectors invest a considerable amount of time and large sums of money in their collections. Various video portraits provide a personal glimpse into their world.